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Overall Nice, Cool Creepy Bag Pipe

I really liked this, only complaint is that the intro was a bit too long and kinda repetitive. Once you got past that, the song was good, I would have used more of that creepy bag pipe sounding instrument in the actual song part. So quick overview, shorter intro, longer song part, less repetition, and more creepy bag pipe.

Keep up the good work, I am a fan of creepy sounding music. I use a lot of church organ in my stuff lol

ajduff14 responds:

I totally agree man intro did seem far too long after a good think and I was considering using church organs in the intro maybe i should try it again with one and see how it goes:) thanks for the feedback

Very Nice

I liked it. Wasn't repetitive, great structure, wasn't simple, and a nice variety of instruments that work nicely together. Also I really liked the sound effects. Great song


Not bad

Was a little repetitive. The whole thing seemed like a really long intro to a song to me, I kept waiting for the song to start for about a min and a half before I started skipping to see if it would start at all, and I found out that it wasn't an intro it was the song. Great start, but I would add a kick at least to finish up the percussion then mix it up with different melodies to where it isn't so repetitive.



The lead and rhythm somewhat seem to not flow to well together (eventhough they are both good in themselves) maybe a reverb effect on the piano would make it lace together better. Also put more of that bass synth or guitar I heard at some parts, I would put on all parts with the piano except for the parts where it is only hitting one key at a time. The rythem sounds kinda familiar but thats prob cause you used FL. Well anyways good work dude. I Like the piano work. Keep working at it.


I like the beat and everything, but I believe I have heard the melody from the 1st part before in a popular song from the 80's or 90's, nice remix though. Try to not be so repetitive and maybe bring up the volume on the percussion a little piece, mostly the kick drum and bass.

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